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Services and Trainings

Besides providing the customers with innovative solutions we focus our efforts on professional customer service and we assure top quality consulting in data analysis and integration as a complete solution. Projects that we realize always match the individual client's needs. All this combined with the use of the most modern technologies enable our customers to achieve their business goals and facilitate a better competitive position.

XBRL Trainings

In addition to consulting and other services in data mining area, we also offer our customers XBRL trainings, organized in collaboration with experts in this fields.

XBRL trainings cover 3 different subject areas:

  • Technical trainings

  • Information trainings

  • Implementation trainings

If you need any further information or assistance regarding our services please contact us by phone: (+48) 012 429 4345, email: services@fqs.pl or use the contact form.

We will be glad to provide you with all the information you require.