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Cell Illustrator - Demo & Downloads

To obtain an evaluation version of Cell Illustrator or in case of any questions, please contact us at ccs@fqs.pl or use the registration form. We offer free of charge full functionality version of program for period of 21 days.


Product Lineup

  • Cell Illustrator 5.0 Player (Free License)
    Offers those aspiring to be medical professionals a package containing basic features, available without charge, to create pathways.

  • Cell Illustrator 5.0 Access (Draw)
    For general users, not needed to simulate pathways, while preserving the most functions in Cell Illustrator Professional for viewing, analyzing and drawing pathways.

  • Cell Illustrator 5.0 Standard
    Contains all functionalities for the modeling and simulation at affordable rates of smaller pathways.

  • Cell Illustrator 5.0 Classroom
    The Classroom edition is a special version meant for teaching purposes only. It is available for universities, colleges, and other educational institutions, that wish to use it for educational but not research purposes. It offers the same functionality as Cell Illustrator 5.0 Standard.

  • Cell Illustrator 5.0 Professional
    Contains a complete range of features for pathway modeling at all scales, allowing users to optimize productivity and efficiency.

Comparison of Cell Illustrator Products:

Function Cell Illustrator Professional Cell Illustrator Standard/Classroom Cell Illustrator Access (Draw) Cell Illustrator Player
1. Represent pathways (Load CSML files) Yes Yes1 Yes Yes
2. Create pathways Yes Yes1 Yes No
3. Simulate pathways Yes Yes1 No No
4. Sample pathway models Yes Yes1 Yes Yes
5. Gene Net mode
   * Gene mining
   * Compare gene networks
   * Path search
   * Expression plot
   * Gene network sample files
Yes Yes1 Yes
  1. Up to 30 entities. (Larger models can be represented in Cell Illustrator Player only)


  • Cell Illustrator Online 5.0 Server
    CI Online Server is a companion product of Cell Illustrator. This product runs on intra net and provide higher security. For more detail, please contact from registration form.