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Cell Illustrator - Key Functionality

  • Easy run from web browser on all universal platforms, e.g. Windows, Linux, Mac

  • Intuitive User Interface

  • SVG Library of biological elements

  • Properties of all model elements are tabulated and are easy to modify

  • Asocciate with external Databases

  • Integrated visualization mode for the analysis of Gene Relationship Networks

  • Import of SBML and CellML models and and BioPAX/CSO ontologies.

  • Whole pathways or single reactions can be imported from Transapth database

  • Variables' actual values can be displayed during simulation

  • Five simulation modes: three different continuous simulation modes, step simulation and step simulation with animation

  • Discrete processes have unique animated simulation option to observe quantities flow through the system

  • Simulation results can be presented on real-time graphs or exported to common format files

  • A simulation run can be saved in a log file and replayed in Cell Illustrator Player

  • The Simulation History dialog provides access to previous versions of a model and simulation results (Simulation History dialog window).

  • Final simulation results can be presented using Cell Animator with graphs and animations. Sample verified biochemical models created using Cell Illustrator are available

  • Parameterized Simulation allows to run a batch of similar simulation by varying one or more parameter. The simulation result can be compared on 3D charts.

  • Export the simulation model to source code. This source code can be customized, compiled and executed in an external application