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LiqCryst is a MS-Windows-based application that allows easy access to a unique database of structures and properties of liquid crystalline compounds and mixtures reported in sources such as scientific papers, patents, books, conference materials, theses etc. The LiqCryst database contains information about currently known thermotropic liquid crystalline compounds. Structures and associated data for over 110 000 compounds with over 400 000 properties have been collected from about 125 000 references. LiqCryst provides all available physical data and also allows graphical statistical analysis - e.g. of the change of phase transition temperatures in homologous series - and predictions of transition temperatures depending on structure.

The program is a newly developed object oriented database engine, based on the SciDex technology, which allows quick searches to be made for substructures, properties, similarities, chemical elements, phase sequences, transition temperatures, physical measurements and references. The retrieved compound information is displayed in tables. Trends or irregularities in homologous series can be visualized graphically.