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SCIGRESS Product Line

Solutions for desktops

Functionality SCIGRESS Modeling SCIGRESS Dynamics SCIGRESS Worksystem SCIGRESS Sudent & Home Edition
GUI Yes Yes Yes Limits
Molecular Mechanics & Dynamics Yes Yes Yes Limits
EHT Yes Yes Yes No
Semiempirical methods - MO-G Yes No Yes Limits
Spectroscopy - MO-S Yes No Yes Limits
Spectroscopy - ZINDO Yes Yes Yes No
DFT Yes Yes Yes Limits
Conformational analysis Yes No Yes No
Advanced molecular dynamics No Yes Yes Limits
Proteins optimization Yes Yes Yes No
Simple docking Yes Yes Yes No
Multiple and quantum docking Yes No Yes No
Multiple and batch calculations Yes No Yes No
GUI to external engines Yes Yes Yes No

Solutions for servers

  • SCIGRESS Server.

  • SCIGRESS Satelite.