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SKIN-CAD is software for skin-body pharmacokinetic simulation developed based on percutaneous absorption model. SKIN-CAD can predict skin permeation amount and blood concentration by input of various model parameters. It can also analyze the effects of metabolism and binding in the skin, the enhancement by iontophoretic application, and the pharmacokinetic-pharmacodynamic model, etc.

SKIN-CAD can be used for optimizing the design of transdermal drug delivery systems (prediction of clinical performance, setup of administration schedule) as well as for evaluating the effects of various factors on skin permeation and blood concentration profiles. With the model parameters determined from in vitro or in vivo experiments or evaluated from correlation equations, SKIN-CAD can quickly provide you with graphical images; blood concentration - time profile for systemic application, drug distribution in the skin for topical application, skin permeability of skin-care products.

SKIN-CAD includes GUI (graphical user interface) available on Windows OS, so users can operate easily from parameters input to simulation results display. Involved various features enable users to save or read data file, to edit graphs, to print data, to compare between calculated and observed data, and to show multiple data.